Kara Sevda Episode 69 English Subtitles HD


Kara Sevda Episode 69 English Subtitles HD


Watch Kara Sevda Episode 69 ( ENDLESS LOVE ) English Subbed online at Turkish Masa. Watch the Turkish Series Kara Sevda ep 69 eng . episodes for free with with English Subtitles. Download the Turkish drama Kara Sevda episodes in high quality.

Story of Kara Sevda ( ENDLESS LOVE ) Series :  A young artist is forced to put her love life on hold in order to keep a family secret hidden. Nihan and Kemal had a love-at-first-sight relationship. Emir will not allow this love to blossom, and he will use Nihan's sole flaw to force her to marry him. Will Nihan break under the strain or persevere in the face of adversity?


Kara Sevda ( ENDLESS LOVE )
  • Miriam berger Banned

    Video isn’t working

  • Mark

    This is the only series that i feel bad for the antagonist and want him to succeed! His only sin is loving the woman that make him feel like trash.. that feeling of loving someone with all your heart and soul but rejected you like shit! Will surely make you the evil. If i am emir i would have strangle that woman to death, she did not deserve kemal at all, she is selfish and not even likable. That aryan guy should also be prison for attempted homicide! I only watch this series because the young burak ozcivit is so hot and captiviting. The story is not that good and have bad representation on turkish law and culture, specialy to countries that does not have the same law religion and culture..

  • Aliya

    Thnx masa:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: